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Cleaning Tips

Feeling the Urge to Clean?

Look at each room and identify specific tasks. Make a list of cleaning priorities. Share the fun with family members.

  • Kitchen: wash and wax wood floors and mop vinyl floors. Clean out refrigerator and pantry. Change shelf-liners. Straighten junk drawer Wipe down cabinet.
  • Bathroom: Use lint-free cloths or a squeegee to wash windows inside and out. Dust the sill. Vacuum the window well.
  • Window Treatments: Vacuum draperies. Wash blinds. Replace heavy drapes with lightweight or sheer curtains.
  • Furniture: Polish furniture, wash upholstery, vacuum between cushions. Clean behind and under sofas and cabinets.
  • Closets: Give old clothes and furniture to charity. Vacuum floors. Dust shelves. Hang cedar blocks to freshen the areas.

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