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Rug Cleaning

When many people consider carpet cleaning, they only think of larger, full-room carpets. Little do they know, but steam cleaning also extends to rugs. People with floorboards or other non-carpeted floors frequently believe that they are in no need of carpet cleaning. Rugs, which form a decorative and functional feature of many non-carpeted floors, can easily gather dirt and muck that is difficult to remove using a vacuum cleaner. In Demand Cleaning Services can clean these just as we clean full-sized carpets.

The process is very similar to cleaning a full sized carpet. Multiple rugs can be cleaned in succession, so an effective ‘once-over’ treatment for the floor coverings in your home is easily accomplished. The rug is vacuumed, treated with cleaning fluids (such as spot cleaner for stains), steamed, then deodorised. This leaves it fresh and rejuvenated, ready to provide an appealing look to whatever room you place it in.

Rugs are essentially small carpets, so why should they be overlooked? It’s important to keep all aspects of your home clean. Children often play on rugs. If you have one in your child’s play area, you should have it cleaned regularly. These carpets receive a lot of wear and tear, as well as food and other stains. Allergens and other pathogens can remain entwined in the carpet’s fibres, which then have to potential to make your child sick. Cleaning your rugs regularly prevents this from happening.

Rug cleaning is an important part of domestic hygiene. Even if you don’t have carpeted floors, it’s important not to overlook your rugs. Call In Demand Cleaning Services today to arrange a cleaning session.