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Tile Cleaning

What’s worse than scummy tiles, caked in grease or grime? It’s one of the less pleasant forms of household filth, and one of the sad facts of tiled surfaces. Particularly if they are kept in wet areas, tiles are breeding grounds for mould. If mounted in a kitchen, cooking grease can deposit on the tiles leaving an unattractive coating. Cleaning tiles can be a hassle. We at In Demand Cleaning can alleviate the situation with a complete tile cleaning solution.

Tiles are one of the major considerations when establishing a course of domestic cleaning. They may be slightly easier to clean than carpets, but still require attention. A high-strength cleaner is used to strip the scum away from the tiles, including that in the grout. As grout is porous (full of tiny holes) it can be difficult to remove stains and scum trapped within it. A combination of vigorous scrubbing and strong liquid can remove most stains, however.

In Demand Cleaning aims to provide a complete household cleaning solution, making sure that your home is spotless. We can clean your home just prior to moving, as in our bond recovery service, or just make sure that your house remains an enjoyable, comfortable place to live in. Call us today for a quote.